in Hoydalsmo
14.12.- 16.12.2007
Map of Norway Map of skitrac Ski track profile 3,5 km
Stadion map Centrum map FIS certificate Huka
    FIS certificate 5 km

Invitation and Program Entry form Transport / accommodation form

Entry overview
Huka hill will be open for training 12. descember 2007 from 10.00 to 15.00. Payment 100,00 NOK each person. There is a lot of snow, and the conditions is good.
World Cup B Nordic Combined Calender

International Ski Federation

Norwegian Ski Association

Tokke council

International Ski Federation Norwegian Ski Association 

The competitors will be staying at Rauland Appartement

We co-operative with Tokke council 

ABB i Norge Morgedal hotel
  The jugdes will be staying at Morgedal Hotel  


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