COC Nordic Combined
in Hoydalsmo
06.03.- 08.03.2009
Map of Norway Map of skitrac Ski track profile 3,5 km
Stadion map Centrum map FIS certificate Huka
    FIS certificate 5 km

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Interview from COC
Interview with the winners 08.03.2009 and 07.03.2009
Photos from COC
Some photos from COC 2009 in Hoydalsmo     (09.03.2009)



International Ski Federation


Vi takker Morgedal hotell for støtta

Tokke council

International Ski Federation Norwegian Ski Association 

The official COC hotel

We co-operative with Tokke council 

Vest-Telemark Kraftlag AS Vi takkar Seljord sparebank for støtta

Vi takker Telemark Fylkeskommune for støtta


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